Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It Pays to Read Other People's Mail

(Not Counting the Fine or Time in Prison)

Thanks to cutbacks at work, we've all taken on additional jobs. In my case, some of my new work is really just what I did I was the assistant. Two of them are opening mail and getting holiday gifts for other departments.

A catalog to Norm Thompson came addressed to Joel, the head of our department. Before putting it in his mailbox, I flipped through it. Although I didn't see anything that would be of use for other departments (my boss Lisa insists that any food we send be individually wrapped. I think this is ridiculous. It means we can't send popcorn, dipped apricots, boxed chocolates, etc.) I found something that was perfect for MomGiraffe. I mean, really really perfect. Something I had never seen before. Loads better than what I was going to make for her (which she will probably now get for her birthday). What was it, you may ask?

A Mushroom Log

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  1. I'm sure it's lovely for mushroom lovers, but for those of us who don't partake, that picture is vaguely frightening.