Friday, July 22, 2011

La Zarza. Plus, it's HOT!

Last night, I saw my Favorite New York Couple for the first time in a really long time. More than six months. We met at La Zarza, a Spanish lounge/restaurant which, oddly, is right next to an Italian restaurant called Lanza.

The food was okay and the service was slow, but the desserts were amazing and the company fantastic. Also, I was impressed with the bathroom because they were nicely decorated.

In other news, it is really hot as hell here in New York. I mean, really, really hot. Happily, my AC decided to start spontaneously working again when I scared it by asking the super to come up and look at it. He didn't actually do anything, but once he was in the room, it started working. T.G!


  1. It was. And you can't tell, but it is also chocolate filled.