Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Did Not Make This Castle Cake...

...but I certainly ate it. (Not all of it.)

It was Kacey's birthday last week and she threw a BBQ at The Hobbit Hole*. The whole Astoria Gang was there, and more. I knew almost everyone so it was especially awesome. Kacey's twin sister Tracey was there, so it was a double celebration. Hot dogs were roasted, marshmallows were wet on fire, Scene It was played (after it started raining, we went inside).

As a gift, Scooter got her the following cake:

Note the dragon on top and the drawbridge that is made of chocolate.

*The Hobbit Hole is her apartment. Much like mine was The Bat Cave.


  1. Did it taste as good as it looks? Because I'm ready to eat the monitor.

  2. Everyone else said yes, but I didn't think so. I did love the turret tops, which were ice cream cones over ho-hos. But that is cause I really like ice cream cones.