Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Surprise

I went to go see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular (featuring The Rockettes) this weekend. Now in 3D!

The cynic in me has to comment that since this was a live show, it was already in 3D*, but I also have to admit that they used 3D technology brilliantly when it came to Santa coming from the North Pole and flying to and through New York.

I was not looking forward to seeing this show. I'd never had the desire to see the Christmas Spectacular because I always figured it would be Christmas-y so what is there to see?

What I did not anticipate is that because it is billed as a Christmas show (and not a holiday show that features everything Christian and Christmas plus a driedle), I enjoyed it as such, as much as I would enjoy any other show on it's own terms. 

Perhaps it helped that watching The Rockettes made me feel like I was in the 1930s or watching an Esther Williams film (without the water) or something like that. They are really amazing. 

There were live animals for the Living Nativity scene. There were fireworks. There were teddy bears dancing The Nutcracker. 

*And also, that the Chase logo appeared at least four times.

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