Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Last week, I went down to Zuccotti (nee Liberty) Park to see Occupy Wall Street for myself. It was incredible and I was especially impressed with how organized a lot of the things are. There is even a library.

I've been very unhappy with some of what I have been reading online. Many of the people who are against OWS characterize the movement as some sort of hippie-Communist rabble of people who are too lazy to get jobs.  

Yesterday, I found myself on a site ( that features a one minute and three second video, about 15 seconds of which feature anti-semitic actions and sentiments by approximately five people who appear to be (and probably are) part of the OWS movement. The video is paired with a petition that says, in effect, that if you support OWS you are supporting anti-Semitism and that OWS itself hates Jewish people (see below). 

It’s time we reject the hate coming from Occupy Wall Street, a movement, which claims to represent 99% of Americans. 
Beyond the class warfare rhetoric of the radical left, Occupy Wall Street is now lashing out at the Jewish people. 
We reject Occupy Wall Street’s hate toward people of the Jewish faith. 
Stand against anti-Semitism. Sign this petition to say that Occupy Wall Street DOES NOT speak for you.

This is hogwash - pardon the treif reference - and it drives me bonkers.

Of course, a big challenge of the OWS movement is that they have not articulated their goals, mainly because they haven't decided what they are. They won't do anything that 90% of everyone there doesn't agree with. Slow going, but definitely small-d democratic.

The best succinct and to-the-point explanation of the purpose of OWS that I've found comes from a comment I found on an article that ran in Scientific American.

The main complaint of the majority of the Occupiers is that “Too-Big-To-Fail” Corporate Interests have gamed the system and have slowly but surely undermined the democratic processes, like a virus inserting its code into a cell’s code to co-opt the host.

The Big Money people have co-opted the political process with their money, and their lobbyists insure that the get everything they want.

The Occupiers want their democratic country back.

The Occupiers want long-term wisdom instead of short-term profits.

And the Occupiers want sustainability – environmental and economic.

I think we should stand with them. It is in our own enlightened self-interest.

Robert L. Oldershaw
Fractal Cosmology

No, I don't know what Fractal Cosmology is. 

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