Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Following Trends Have Me Flummoxed

1) Bacon everydamnthing
2) Mustaches
3) Zombies

Would you like some specifics?

Yes, that's right. Bacon SOAP!


You might remember this from your childhood.
Oh, wait. No, you wouldn't.

And if you think I am making up how far up the chain this goes, consider the following fact. The CDC has put up a web page that details how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. And while I applaud their ingenious use of an imaginary threat to help prepare for a real one, like a tornado or a hurricane, I think it just proves my point. Ridiculousness everywhere.


  1. OK -- so I almost posted a FB status yesterday about the whole moustache thing. Did we miss the announcement? Those damn things are everywhere.

    (And they are ridiculous-looking.)

    I understand from others that bacon really is good with everything. I just don't get it...

    And zombies? Feh!

    The CDC...really??

  2. I suggest turkey bacon. We eat it and love it. No, it's not the same as the real thing, but it's still super tasty.

    The mustache thing is creepy...even creepier than the zombie thing, if that's possible.