Friday, February 10, 2012

Do You Know How Much That Hurts?

Joel Samberg is a copywriter and journalist from Connecticut who has just written a book called 

I Would Rather Have Root Canal Once a Week For the Rest of My Life Than Ever Buy a House Again

This begs the question: has he ever actually had a root canal? Because as bad as his experience seems to have been (I haven't yet read the book), he is proposing something on the order of a couple of thousand root canals. Ignoring that you don't have that many roots in your mouth, that is crazy. Plum crazy. 

 You know what? I'm going to ask him. I will you know what I find.


  1. He does seem to be taking the hyperbolic approach, doesn't he.

    Looking forward to what you discover!!

  2. We bought a house, which sucks, and now we are trying to sell and buy simultaneously. It sucks. If I knew what an ulcer feels like I'd swear it's coming on. BUT...I hate having work done to my teeth and would probably take home buying over a root canal any day.

  3. For an update, please see the next post.