Tuesday, February 21, 2012


What do you do when you use up a gift card? Give it to the establishment you used it up in? They usually politely accept it and then throw it in the rubbish bin. (Yeah, I became British for half a second there.)

I figured there must be someone who is doing something with these, even if it is just collecting them to make a bizarre looking purse.

I found something better: Earthworks.

They take plastic cards are make new plastic cards. I contacted them and got this email:

Thanks for your interest in recycling with Earthworks®, your subscription into our contact list has been confirmed. We will accept plastic gift cards for recycling but would appreciate that you pass the word along to your favorite stores and hotels to contact us to learn how to recycle their cards and that they can purchase cards made from Earthworks ® 100% recycled plastic.

You can mail plastic cards to:
[they want you to contact them before they give you the address]

Please just send plastic cards, no rubber bands, paper clips or paper.
Please put a label or hand write the name of your organization on the package so we can track it.

Thanks for contacting and working with us to make a cleaner world one card at a time!

In other news, it is MomGiraffe's bday, I am slated to give blood on Thursday, and I was made second chair of my book club.

Hope you all had a Happy President's Day.


  1. What is the responsibility of the second chair? Mazel tov, by the way.

  2. The most important thing is that I can step up if the first chair is not available, but we also get together ahead of time to go over the books, what we want to point out, if we want to do themes, etc.

  3. Stop. Think. Recycle.

    Saw that in a classroom today. The gift card thing would take that extra step. It is easy enough to have the cashier throw it away.

  4. @Kristy, I totally agree. Sorry it took me so long to moderate; I've been in a non-blog mode.