Wednesday, February 01, 2012

In February, I Shall Rise

Last week, someone on some blog asked a question about Resolutions for the New Year. I don't remember the blog, but the blogger was asking her audience what their goals were and how people were handling keeping them. I then remembered that I'd had this great idea several years ago about having month long resolutions since the received wisdom is that year long resolutions are super hard to keep.

Therefore, starting today, I will stand up at least once an hour at work. I have been reading articles on and off for a couple of years now that talk about how bad sitting is for you. So I am taking a stand (yeah, you read that right) and, you know, standing. I expect to increase my circulation, lose weight, and gain respect, balance, and the ability to fly. I'm not certain why I expect those things, but I will tell you how it goes.

This is the article that I cut out two years ago that really got me thinking about this:  Congratulations, You've Won an Article on Standing!!!

It would be kind of like this, but without the tie. And I would be next to my desk, not on it. And I'm not in school anymore. Also, I'm not Robin Williams.


  1. :-) Good resolution. I am trying this new structure of 25 min work, 5 min walking around - usually i just walk downstairs and then back up again. Helps!

  2. I am hoping. Anyway, should I make a March resolution to have brunch in Brooklyn with a certain couple I know, or do you think it would be fine for a second Feb resolution?

  3. Good goal. Plus, any excuse to reference Dead Poet's Society is a winner in my (metaphorical) book.

  4. Would that be the Good Book? Er, the metaphorical good book?