Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yes, He Knows How Much It Hurts

Good news. I've heard back from the Joel Samberg, author of I Would Rather Have Root Canal Every Week for the Rest of My Life Than Ever Buy a House Again about whether he has had a root canal. Here is his response:

[T]here are actually two scenarios I must describe to answer that question. The first is, yes, I had a root canal many years ago that, prior to the relocation discussed in the book, was the worst experience of my adult life. I actually ended up at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan sitting next to handcuffed prisoners at 8:00 in the morning as a result of the procedure. It's a long story. (I wrote about this incident elsewhere.) The second, as explained in the new Kindle book, is that with modern technology, root canals are painless and ultimately result in better health, unlike moving, which is painful and makes you physically and mentally ill. So the bottom line is that I would indeed rather have root canal than ever buy a house again, regardless of which scenario you choose.

Those are his bona fides, and I have to admit, they are good ones. While I don't agree that modern root canals are painless, I submit that not ever having bought a house, I am not in the least qualified to judge which is worse. Either way, it all makes me feel better about not having ever bought a house because the last root canal I had was awful.

He mentioned in the original posting that I saw that this is the first non-Jewishy book he's written. Here is his author page on Amazon:  Joel Samberg

Special note to Ace: Joel's all time favorite television show is The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Image I Stole From Amazon to Promote Them So It's Probably OK


  1. Hi. It's Joel Samberg. Thanks for the e-book plug! I'm pleased to report that a lot of people are enjoying a good laugh at my expense. That's intentional. What's really funny is that it's only $1.85 at Amazon, so if you think I'll get rich off of my misery.... By the way, I see you like "Mary Poppins." She's in the book, too. Another reason to buy it. I'd love for some of your readers to post reviews on Amazon.

    You'll also like my first book (from 1998), "The Jewish Book of Lists," because it has such chapters as "Thou Shalt Not Dress" (an interview with a Jewish nudist) and "I Do, I Do, I Do," about polygamy in the bible.


  2. Hi Joel,

    Before you get too excited, you should know that I only have two regular readers and about five revolving ones. They consist of my Dad, my sister, one of my brothers, my Spanish teacher from middle school, two friends from college, and one of their husbands.

    Happily, one of my brothers adores Mary Poppins (well, anything with DVDyke). Sadly, it isn't the one that reads the blog.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. But the aforementioned sister reads everything that isn't nailed down (except for westerns) and SHE has a lot of followers.

    Incidentally, I'm unclear as to when one would date "modern root canals." I can say, having purchased two homes and having had several root canals that I would still buy a home. And I'm the one who gets numbed just to have a cleaning.

    On a serious note, I am always impressed when authors are so responsive.