Friday, April 20, 2012

Dear Opinion Outpost, an Open Letter

Many years ago, I started doing internet surveys to make a little extra money. I found, though, that in some cases it was so little that it was not necessarily worthwhile. Three or so years ago, I spent six months or a year to see how much time I was spending on surveys (including surveys that I ended up not qualifying for) in order to calculate what the hourly rate would be. I had to do this for each survey company, so it took me awhile.

The results were not surprising: I'd been selling my time much too cheaply. Since I enjoy taking some surveys, I don't have to make a lot of money, but I don't enjoy feeling like I'm being taken advantage of. After all, the survey companies are being paid money to get my opinion. I made the decision that I would only stay with companies who paid me at least $6/hr. Some paid more than that, but that was the min. I would also do surveys for some companies which didn't pay that much but made up for it in really interesting surveys.

Opinion Outpost was one of the winners. They always offered at least $1 per every 10 minutes. However, several months ago they stopped doing this. Lately, I've been receiving offers that are so paltry as to be insulting. Usually, their offers tell you how long the survey will take and how much it pays, but some of them just say there are surveys available. Last month, I did one of these surveys. It took me around half an hour (I didn't actually time it) and at the end, they gave me 50 cents.

Dear Opinion Outpost,

If you really appreciated my participation, you'd offer me more than one or two dollars an hour. I will continued to do surveys for you that don't have a grossly unfair pay structure.



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  1. I agree, and I will be sending them an email also, maybe if enough people complain they will change the way they pay. It was one of my favorite panels and they did pay very well at one point, I think now that they have enough members they think they can get away with paying 50 cents for a twenty minute survey, which is absurd, I don't even wast my time anymore.