Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Job Drama

As a general rule, if you work in a place where you like the people, it is pretty boring to blog about work. And if you've followed me at all, you know that I'm terrible at keeping up on my blog. However, a LOT has been happening at work, so I will now fill you in on the big stuff.

One of the directors in our office gave notice at the end of July; she moved to Virginia. I am/was probably second closest to her in the office and I really liked having her office right next to mine. It was sad for us, but a very good move for her because it meant that she was moving to better weather (good for her lupus) and would have a much shorter commute (since she lived in CT). So it was sad, but not tragic.

We have a relatively flat structure in our office and this woman was in charge of Special Events. She had two people reporting to her. Her last day in the office, one of the people reporting to her (Robert) didn't come in. It turns out that his wife had a heart attack. (!). At this point, I went on vacation*.

I came back from vacation a week later to find out that Robert had never come back. He just stayed away and then called the HR office to say that he couldn't work anymore. He left shoes here, everything. As far as we know, his wife is okay, but he never talked to anyone in the office and he disconnected his cell phone. It's strange.

Now we have one special events person left, and I'm helping out a little. We caught a break in that the temp we had in this position three years ago when someone went on maternity leave was available again, so when Elena starts here temporarily, it eased a lot of the pressure on the rest of the office. There was a bunch of stuff that I had to do having to do with closing and opening accounts and getting passwords for computers and phones and the like, but overall, it is less work over time and it gives us time to get someone very good in that position.

Last Friday, the head of our department calls all of us into an unplanned meeting to tell us that after 18 years, he is leaving. He and his wife just adopted two kids and it is time for a change, etc. I was not expecting it. I mean, I wasn't thinking about it one way or the other. He has been here second longest in all the office. The head of HR came to the meeting, too, to answer questions, etc. There weren't a lot. We were all glum. The good (great) news is that he isn't leaving until March or so, so we have a lot of time to get used to the news and to find a replacement. However, one of the things that was asked of HR was how it was going filling the Special Events Director position and she came out with the unwelcome news that although they would hire someone, they were not looking to hire a director, per se.

Today, the head of our department called us in for an unplanned meeting which was also attended by the HR and the president. The news now is that the entire Special Events division (currently one actual person and two positions) is going to move to Development. That means that we are losing the nicest person in the office (certainly nicer than I am) who has also been here the longest out of everyone.

It's not terrible news.  No one is losing his or her job and with change comes opportunity. With the right person hired as head of the department, we can go from good to even better (though we're pretty great right now). It's just that I kind of feel like that Twilight Zone episode where people keep disappearing into "the cornfield."

*to Vermont

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  1. Nope...we haven't seen them here. Maybe the next cornfield over??