Friday, June 28, 2013

Just Wrote My Representatives...

My credit union asked me to go to and help save the credit unions. I added a little bit of my own flavor and kept some of their wording. The grammatical constructions aren't the best, but I'm very tired due to the heat the keeps waking me up over and over again.

Anyway, even if you aren't part of a credit union, you could be, so feel free to join me.

Dear [Politico],

I know that you and your colleagues are working on comprehensive tax reform, of which I am in favor.

In doing so, I ask that you protect credit unions.

I've been a member of BlahBlahBlah* Credit Union since I was in high school and they have been the best financial institution I have ever done business with. Even when I went to StateOne for college and then moved to New York, I've kept my credit union as my primary account savings and checking accounts. They don't charge ridiculous fees (they charge almost no fees at all actually) and I don't feel like I'm being constantly being ripped off. Their savings rates, especially for CDs, are higher than other places.

I know it's a tricky issue because I am in part able to get these benefits because credit unions are exempt from paying traditional federal income taxes due to their not-for-profit status. Since most people can find a credit union to be a part of, though, I think that it doesn't give me a personal advantage above other citizens. Instead, I believe that it gives everyone an alternative to the sometimes predatory practices of for-profit financial institutions.

Please support local banking, please support credit unions, and please uphold their tax status. If you agree that America needs choices in the financial services market place, then you will agree that consumer oriented, not-for-profit credit unions need to be protected.

Thank you and I hope you will do everything in your power to uphold the credit union tax status.



*not its real name

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