Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Don't You Forget About Me

I was in Pennsylvania this past weekend for Thanksgiving. I usually spend all the time with the sobrinos and their parents, but I happen to quite like spending time with Ace and Bette (Bace? Abet?), so I made plans for them to pick me up on Sunday at noon and then we would do some shopping I wanted to do at the mall, and they would drop me off at the four o'clock bus.

While driving in the car, innocently making chit chat, I said something like, "I really need to get around to getting some make up. And someone to tell me what make up to get. And someone to put it on me." And Bette turns to me in total seriousness and says, "You're going to miss your bus." Since the bus wasn't leaving for the and a half hours, this confused me, but it shouldn't have.

Dr. Who has Whovians, Firefly has Browncoats. If make-up had a name for its uberfans, Bette would be one. An example, if you'll oblige me. After the shopping I'd set out to do, and lunch, we went to Sephora, which has what I've always felt to be an anxiety-producing number of options. We go up to the place where women are doing make overs (or whatever the soft sell version of that is) and Bette says to me, referring to the woman whose chair I'm about to sit in, "Oh, she's really good; she used to work at the Chanel counter." Did Bette know this because she was friends with this stylist? No, she just recognized her. /And the stylist recognized her back./

Anyway, we spent as much time as we had left there and there is talk of things for the eyes and the lips and the lids and brushes and day-to-night and smudging and smokey and whatnot and in the end, I look exactly the same, except much better.

Now l don't know how long I'll keep up with the make-up routine. The make over lady seemed to think I would fall in love with all things make-up and never go back, but I know better. I've been here before. No matter. For now, I kind of feel like Ally Sheedy at the end of The Breakfast club, when her character turns from goth moppet to regular girl with a headband and judicious application of mascara.

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