Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Excitement Scale

There are scales for all sorts of things and I was thinking somewhat recently about how I wish there were one for excitement.

Then I realized that that would have to be pretty personalized or it wouldn't be very good. Because otherwise, one would equal something like "You open your drawer and see that you have the exact socks you thought you would have there" and ten would be "You win the lottery." And that is kind of boring.

 I would want to include thing like

...finding a use for something that seems totally useless that I have kept for years for no reason. Like when I cut the legs off my yoga pants because I needed shorts to go run in and then just kept the legs portion around until, six years later, I realized I could turn them into a balaclava.


 ...forgetting my my umbrella at work and continuing to forget it there. And then one day it rains and I didn't bring an umbrella from home but it doesn't matter because I'd already forgot one there and can use that one.
This is the umbrella, by the way. Channukah gift two years ago from Rivster. I love it.

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