Friday, February 17, 2017

Every Day

Things I Should Do Every Day

Taxes are annual (or quarterly). Some tasks are monthly or weekly or on some other set schedule. But there are other things that I should be doing every day. Over and over and over. And if you fail one day, there is always the next day, but really you should be doing it every day. I feel like maybe a majority of people do this thing called "get ready" in the morning. And for them, getting ready is one thing. But for others of us, it is six or seven or seventeen discrete things.

If I don't do anything else on n (if n=any day that is not Yom Kippor), then I should at least:

🍊 walk for ten thousand steps
🍴 AM meds - three small whites, three big blues, one yellow capsule, half a yellow tab, barrel shaped white, bigger round white
🍡 get dressed (consists of finding at least five pieces of clean enough clothing)
πŸ“ back exercises x3
 brush teeth x2
🍍 sleep at least eight hours
🌞 floss teeth x2
πŸ“§  eat at least three times
🚿 eat at least three veggies (working up to more)
😐  eat at least three fruits (working up to more)

✉ drink lots of water 

πŸ’Š journal

πŸ‘“ practice a foreign language (63 days on Duolingo and counting) for 5+ minutes
πŸ‘š get undressed 

πŸ‘– return any texts

πŸ‘Ÿ make sure I go to bed at a reasonable hour
🚢 go through mail I receive
πŸ’§ go through email I receive
πŸ’€  meditate 

πŸ•— shower/bath

πŸ”Ή PM meds - medium white, three big blues
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ wake up at a reasonable hour
πŸ“ž put clothes away/hamper
🍌 do something (or decide to do nothing) will all the things you used to eat
πŸ“Ί get about twenty minutes of sun (like most people in Northern latitudes, I'm vitamin D deficient) but not so much sun that I get cancer
🍎 wear sunglasses outside 
πŸ“΅ filter out blue light two hours before I plan to go to bed (or don't turn on tv, computer, or phone in that time)

I know that the icons don't match the lines they are on. Because I, too, have to sort through all these things. Every day.

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